Within the Kingdom of Serbia Association, the Committee of the Kingdom of Serbia for projects, research and documentation (ser. OKSPID) was established and the first two meetings of this body were held.


OKSPID was established on March 2, 2019, at a meeting held at the White Palace. Mr. Srdjan Cosic, chairman of the committee, introduced the participants with the structure, goals, tasks and basic directions of the functioning of the newly formed body. The meeting was visited and welcomed by the Vice-President of the Association, Mr. Saša Šušić and member of the Managing Board, Mr. Andrija Šošić.

All participants accepted the committee’s appointment, after which the decision was made that the next meeting will be working, with the aim of building the capacity of board members, in the form of training for preparing project proposals and actively seeking potential donors.

The second meeting of the Committee was held on March 23, 2019 in Belgrade, and training in the field of preparation of the projects was carried out by the chairman of the committee, Mr. Cosic, according to world-recognized methodologies. The aim of the training is that members of the Committee contribute their own communities in the field of project writing.


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