On Hamodia web portal you can read a text about the aspirations for the restoration of monarchies in the world, that referres to HRH Crown Prince Alexander and the Kingdom of Serbia Association.


The correction of the text would be that the Royal Family DID NOT get the ownership over property back, that decade long injustice has not yet been corrected, and that our Association was founded in 2008 as the King’s Youth, and in 2010 became the Kingdom of Serbia Association, and that we now have over 20,000 members.

From the text:”Public opinion polls have shown strong support for Crown Prince Alexander to reign as king of the Balkan state of Serbia. An organization known as the Association for the Kingdom of Serbia, which claims 18,000 members, was founded in 2016 specifically to lobby for the cause.

Alexander missed the throne by only one generation, as his father, King Peter II, reigned over the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. The family fled to London when Nazi forces occupied the country and, in 1945, Peter was deposed by the communist regime led by Josip Tito. Like many in his position, Alexander grew up amid a succession of exiles and at different times attended school in England, Switzerland and the United States. He eventually served as an officer in the British army before pursuing a career in international business.

After the fall of the Iron Curtain and a decade of war and strife that accompanied the break-up of Yugoslavia, Alexander and his family were once again able to return to their homeland. In 2001, they were granted ownership of their ancestral palace in Belgrade, where they have lived ever since.

Like many European royals, Alexander, now 74 years old, is a descendant of Britain’s Queen Victoria and maintains close ties to his cousins in Buckingham Palace. He has made well-known his desire to serve as a constitutional monarch on several occasions and has touted the system’s advantages.

“The king is above daily politics; he is the guardian of national unity, political stability and continuity of the state. In constitutional parliamentary monarchies, the king is the protector of public interest: there is no personal or party interest,” he said in a statement in 2006. “The Crown is positive for our democracy. The Crown respects and protects everyone. The Crown strengthens our democracy. The Crown brings credibility. The Crown reconciles. I am proud of Serbia and wish to serve to our country.”


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