HRH Crown Princess Katherine

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine was born in Athens, Greece 13 November 1943. She is the daughter of Robert and Anna Batis.

Princess Katherine was educated in Athens and Lausanne Switzerland. Crown Princess Katherine studied business at the University of Denver, Colorado, and the University of Dallas, Texas. Princess Katherine was in business for a few years in the United States. In 2007 Princess Katherine received an honorary degree in Doctor of Letters from the University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom.

Her Royal Highness was previously married and has two children David and Alison. David has a son, Alexanderand, and Alison has four children: Amanda, Stephanie, Nicolas and Michael and they live in United States. Princess Katherine has travelled extensively and has lived in Australia, Africa and the United States.

Princess Katherine met HRH Crown Prince Alexander in Washington DC in 1984 and they were married in London 21 September 1985. Their best man was HM King Constantine of the Hellenes, and the witness was HRH Prince Tomislav, Crown Prince Alexander’s uncle.

Princess Katherine’s charitable activities have been numerous, especially since the conflict in the former Yugoslavia. Her Royal Highness has brought much needed relief especially to children, the elderly and all those in need regardless of religion or ethnic origin. Princess Katherine is the Patron of several humanitarian organizations including Lifeline Humanitarian Organization. At the beginning of August 2001 The Foundation of Her Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Katherine was established in Belgrade with the aim to continue and increase humanitarian activities.

In 1991 Crown Prince Alexander accompanied by Their Royal Highnesses Crown Princess Katherine, Hereditary Prince Peter, Prince Philip and Prince Alexander travelled to Belgrade, where they were very enthusiastically greeted by hundreds of thousands who see the Karadjordjevic Dynasty as the embodiment of all that is best for democracy and Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy.

Before the 5 October 2000 revolution in Serbia the Crown Princess travelled to Serbia in 1992,1993,1994, 1995 and 2000. She also travelled to Montenegro and Kosovo in 1999, and Bosnia in 2000. On 17 July 2001 Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince Alexander, Crown Princess Katherine, Hereditary Prince Peter, Prince Philip and Prince Alexander took up residence in The Royal Palace in Belgrade.

Her Royal Highness speaks Greek, English, French and some Spanish. Princess Katherine enjoys music, reading, and all the activities that regard children, cooking, the theatre and cross-country skiing.

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