Seven reasons for the Crown


During the eleven centuries of its history, Serbia was always monarchy. Starting with Viseslavic dynasty, as well as Nemanjic dynasty, Serbia had a monarch as head of the state, from great Prefect (Veliki župan ser.), and after that King, Emperor, Prince and again King, which created one long lasting tradition. Serbia didn’t have Crown only in periods of Ottoman enslavement and communist dictatorship.


Serbia reached the top of European democracy as a monarchy. Constitutions from 1888 and 1903 are one of the most democratic constitutions in the world of that time. By restoration of monarchy, Serbia would create the way for the revival of democratic tradition and classify itself in order of advanced parliamentary monarchies in Europe.


In terms of the destructive legacy of the communist regime, ie. setback political culture and tradition of democratic life, as well as decades of anti-monarchist indoctrination, the restoration of constitutional parliamentary monarchy represents the revival of democratic political life and democratic institutions . The limited power of the Monarch in the spirit and rules of constitutional parliamentary monarchy , and undisputed authority of the Monarch as a symbol of unity and continuity of the state, lie at the foundation of this pledge.


The restoration of constitutional parliamentary monarchy, as opposition to the totalitarian communist regime would mean immediate break up with communistic past and final erasure of all its traces. That is the condition for the healing of our society, moral and spiritual at the first place.


The restoration of constitutional parliamentary monarchy would inevitably lead to the return of good international reputation that Serbia as Kingdom had. Serbia would regain friendship with many democratic countries, that was lost in the past years (European monarchies before all), which would create a path for successful economic and all other ways of cooperation.


With restoration of monarchy, Serbia would create conditions for economic growth and prosperity of our society, which would result in the increase of life standard of our people and in the upgrade of the quality of life.


The restoration of constitutional parliamentary monarchy would represent the correction of historical injustices done to Serbia and the Serbian people with the act of illegitimate abolition of the monarchy.