Kingdom of Serbia Association is the only monarchist movement in Serbia that works under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Alexander. It was founded as a non-government and non-profit organization by group of Belgrade University students, with primary goal of restoration of monarchy and promotion of monarchist polity in our country. Our field of work also includes: preservation of Serbian tradition, remembering and celebrating important historical dates related to the Karadjordjević Royal family and our country as well. Important part of Association’s activities is in field of culture and education, with primary goal to educate our youth in monarchistic spirit, with Serbian tradition as role model.

Important part of our work includes help and support to the Royal family and the Office of HRH Crown Prince Alexander in organization and implementation of their activities.

For every segment of our work we need significant funds that we, as non-profit organization that works on voluntary principles, gain from membership fees and donations.

Thanks to the good will of our members and friends and to the enormous effort of our active members and Association management, the Kingdom of Serbia Association has succeeded to work for more than seven years and to constantly enlarge the number of its local boards and activities in Serbia and Diaspora.

We call upon all people who are volitional and able to help us with their donations in our further work, and thus to enable that the only monarchist organization that is under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Alexander, to continue and advance it’s work. That way, you will contribute to the faster restoration of constitutional parliamentary Monarchy in our beloved country, and thus enable economic, cultural and moral regeneration that Serbia needs and deserves.

Become member of our team, become a benefactor of Kingdom of Serbia Association and thereby write your name in the history books, by contributing to the restoration of monarchy in Serbia.


For donations from Serbia, bank account number 265-1630310004894-80

For donations from abroad in foreign currency EUR, download payment instructions HERE

For additional information – e-mail: