Branislav Tomic

Branislav Tomic – Born in Bijeljina on December 11th, 1977. His family originates from the village of Glogovac, near Bijeljina, where they still live today.

He obtained primary education in his native Glogovac and in Janja. He graduated from a secondary machine technical school in Bijeljina. In his further education, he graduated as a food technology engineer from the Higher Technical School in Šabac.

He is currently employed as a technologist. He is also successfully engaged in beekeeping on his own agricultural estate. He is married and has two children.

In February 2017 he was appointed fiduciary for the Kingdom of Serbia Association for Bijeljina. In the same year, he was elected president of the City Board in Bijeljina. In 2019, he was elected vice-president of the Executive Board, in charge of the Association’s activites in Republika Srpska. He organized multiple commemorations of important historical dates in Semberija, as well as numerous literary events aimed at correcting historical injustices dealt to the idea of a constitutional parliamentary monarchy and promoting the role of Yugoslav Army in the Homeland during World War II. He was a member of the board that elected a monument to General Dragoljub Draža Mihailović in Bijeljina. He lives in Glogovac, near Bijeljina.