David Petrovic

David Petrovic – Born in 1999 in Priboj, to a monarchist family. He completed the “Vuk Karadžić” elementary school with excellent grades, especially distinguishing himself in history and winning multiple contests in that subject, including a 2014 state-wide competition. He continued his education at the Priboj gymnasium, which he also completed with excellent grades. In high school, he distinguished himself by organizing academic events, exhibitions and speeches devoted to monarchy and the church. He was a founding member and a long-term president of the Society of Young Historians of Priboj, as well as an associate of the Heritage Museum in Priboj. He furthered his love of history by enrolling in bachelor studies of history at the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade. He is specializing in Serbian medieval studies and is currently in the fourth year of his studies.

He became active in the Kingom of Serbia Association in 2013, during the initiative to amend the constitution. He further intensified his activities in 2018, and has been contributing to the activities of HRH Alexander and the work of HRH Katarina’s humanitarian foundation.

In 2020 he became president of King’s Youth in Belgrade, and in 2021 he was appointed coordinator of royal volunteers. He has successfully headed Belgrade’s youth section of the Association in all its activities, including memorials at Oplenac, Statehood Day celebrations, as well as raising monuments to King Peter in Sremska Mitrovica and Kikinda. He successfully coordinated the King’s Youth tour across Vojvodina. He is currently working on rallying volunteers and coordinating youth.

He is fluent in english, and he also speaks Russian, Latin and Old Slavonic.