Nikola Dragovic

Nikola Dragović from the village of Rudara in Kursumlija, he studied elementary school in Rudara and Rača, he graduated from the high school of economics, majoring in economic technician with excellent results in Kuršumlija. He completed his basic academic studies in political science at the Faculty of Political Sciences in Belgrade, where he is currently studying for a master’s degree in political science, module on election campaigns.
As a student, he became a member of the Royal Youth Association on 11.11.2008. , from which in 2010 the present-day Association of the Kingdom of Serbia emerged and since then he has participated in various activities of the Association, the office of NJKV Aleksandra and the NJKV Katarina foundation, as evidenced by various awards.
In the Association, he performed various duties, from municipal trustee to member of the Executive Board.