Members of the Kingdom of Serbia Association presented the birthday cake to our King day before his 74th birthday.


Our patron was surprised with a birthday cake shaped like a badge with his monogram, and HRH Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine were very much pleased with this surprise.

The delegation was led by the President of the Association, Mr. Mario Majstorović, Vice-Presidents of the Managing Board, Mr. Saša Šušić and Andrija Šošić, General Secretary, Mr. Uroš Parezanović, members of the Managing Board, Mr. Stefan Milanović, Mr. Miloš Pavković and Mr. Srdjan Cosic, PR of the Association, Miss Bojana Nikolic, President of the King’s Youth, Miss Kristina Ivljanin and President of the Executive Board, Mr. Predrag Medenica.



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