We inform you that Kingdom of Serbia Association’s calendar for the year 2016 is prepared, and all who are interested can order their copy. There are 2 versions of calendar – one was made by Kingdom of Serbia Association’s Municipal Committee in Indjija, and other by Municipal Committee Koceljeva.

170 Calendar of the Kingdom of Serbia (3)

Calendar of 6 sheets, bimonthly, prepared by Committee Indjija with exquisite pictures of the Royal Family Karadjordjevic. The calendars are delivered in package of 10 pieces. Price per calendar is 198 RSD.

170 Calendar of the Kingdom of Serbia (1)

Panel calendar, prepared by Committee Koceljeva, dedicated to our heroic past and the resurrection of the Serbian army and state in Corfu in the year 1916. Price per calendar is 100 RSD when ordering one copy, and 80 RSD for larger orders.


You can order your copy:

6 sheets calendar by Committee Indjija – Dusan Popovic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dusan.p.popovic.9

E-mail: mastrapop@yahoo.com


Panel calendar by Committee Koceljeva – Savo Zdero

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/savo.zdero