To celebrate the most joyful Christian holiday, Christmas, by the invitation of the President of the Kingdom of Serbia Association, representatives of organizations that respect and inherit the idea of the monarchy and heritage of the Royal Dynasty Karadjordjevic, had the honor of accompanying HRH Crown Prince Alexander and our members to participate in the cutting of the Yule log (Ser. Badnjak) for the Royal House on January 6, 2020.


Crown Prince Alexander, every year, honoring the tradition of our ancestors, cuts a Christmas tree and brings it outside the Royal Palace, where tonight there will be a burning ceremony in the presence of members of the advisory bodies of the Crown and friends of the Royal Family.

In addition to the members of the Kingdom of Serbia Association, who traditionally cut the Christmas tree with our King, this year, at our initiative, representatives of the POKS, SPO and the Ravna Gora Movement also participated.


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