To all members of the Kingdom of Serbia Association and their families who are tomorrow celebrating the Greatest Holiday of all Holidays*, I would like to send my sincerest congratulations, with special wishes for good health, with the most joyous greeting – Christ is Risen!


The great event that happened almost 2 millenniums ago still gives us the strength to cope with all troubles and difficulties that life brings us.

The victory of life over death, the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, is the most important event in the history of mankind, which gives us all hope and strengthens our will.

Even though we celebrate Easter this year in the changed circumstances, I know you will have the power to endure. Our ancestors faced much greater and more difficult challenges and always emerged victorious, carried with the love and faith that they had in their hearts.

With that same Christian love for our fellowmen and for our homeland and with faith in the victory of good over evil, let we deliver our prayers to the resurrected Lord to send His blessing on all people!

Sincerely yours,

HRH Crown Prince Alexander