Constituent Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbia Association’s Municipal Committee in Niska Banja was held on 13th September, 2015.

The management of the Municipal Committee Niska Banja was elected on the Assembly: The President Mr. Golub Milenovic, Vice President Mr. Marko Stojiljkovic, Secretary Ms. Milica Milenkovic, Messrs. Milan Radojkovic, Metar Taskovic, Nikola Milic, Darko Stajkovic and Milan Stojiljkovic are permanent members of the board.

The Constituent Assembly was presided by Mr. Milos Petrovic, Executive Board’s coordinator for Nisava district. Mr. Vladimir Vojvodic, president of the Association’s City Committee in Nis and Ms. Nadica Lazarevic, secretary of the City Committee in Nis attended the meeting as guests.

We wish a lot of success in further work to our members from Niska Banja, until we reach our goal – the restoration of Kingdom of Serbia!

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