The team of the City Committee Subotica of the Kingdom of Serbia Association – “Kingdom of Serbia – V.V.Vlahovic” won the traditional 6th annual football tournament at the stadium in Prvomajska in Subotica.


Milan Sekulic (goalkeeper), Goran and Boris Popovic, Dako Damjanovic, Miodrag Panić, Nedo Nedić, Miloš Grubor, Čeda Žarković, Nikola Romić, Veselin Guberinić, Damir Lukač and Marko Klačar played for our team.

On Wednesday, August 30, our team won the match against the Prologis team in the semi-finals in an exciting and full-frame match with 6: 3. Goals for our team were scored by Goran Popović (2) and Nedić, Panic, Žarković and Boris Popovic.

On Friday, September 1, in front of the full crowded stadium in Prvomajska, in the big finals, our Team won game against SU team with 5: 0 and our team become a winner of the prestigious tournament. The goals were scored by Žarković 2 goals and Nedić, Romić and Guberinić scored 1 goal.

The best player of the tournament is Goran Popovic, and the best goalkeeper of the tournament, Milan Sekulic, both members of our team, and the success is therefore even greater.

All congratulations to our players on excellent games and achieved success, and gratitude to the supporters who were our 7th player.


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