Kingdom of Serbia Association’s City Committee Belgrade organized lecture of Mr. Srdjan Cvetkovic, Ph.D historian, named “In the name of the people!” on February 19th, 2016 in the office of the Association.

The event was very well visited and we are pleased that we had the opportunity to participate in spreading the truth about this difficult and painful period of our history, through the extraordinary lecture of Dr. Cvetkovic.

Mr. Srdjan Cvetkovic is a longtime scientific associate of the Institute for Modern History and a former Secretary of the State Commission for the study of secret graves of people killed after the December 11th 1944.

He is the author of the project “In the name of the people!” dedicated to the political repression that the communist regime implemented in Serbia in the period from 1944 until 1953. His exhibition was one of the most visited in Serbia!

At the end of the lecture, president of the Belgrade Committee, Mr. Milos Pavkovic, gave a modest gift as a sign of gratitude to Mr. Cvetokovic: two editions of “New Yugoslavia” from 1945, which wrote about the creation of a republican system and trials of prominent members of the Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland, and the bonds of second national loan from 1950.

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