On this day we mark the 70 years since one of the greatest evils of human civilization has been defeated. On May 9th 1945, representatives of the German High Command signed the unconditional surrender. By this act, the Second World War in Europe was finally completed. Nazism was defeated.


On this occasion, we publish the command of General Dragoljub Mihailovic, the first leader of guerrilla resistance in the enslaved Europe, commander of the legit army, faithful to its oath to the King and the Fatherland, which was read on May 9th, 1945 to the soldiers of the Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland.


The war with Germany, which for four years brought death throughout all of our Fatherland, destroying without mercy all our achievements, our homes, our families, ended in victory for the Allies.

In this four-year war, the Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland has significantly contributed to the victory by being the only army formation in Europe that was fighting, when Europe was occupied by fierce attackers.

Powerful and irresistible attacks of our units, destroying the German divisions, weakened the war potential of the Germans and seriously worried their leaders. Over thirty-five elite German divisions were at all times tied to our front line, and they melted in continuous battles, which by their vehemence and bloodiness surpassed all battles that were fought on various fronts in Europe.

In these four years of fighting the war, our army gave the victims, which showed the greatness of our national genius and his vitality, giving the knowledge to all and everyone that our Fatherland, soaked many times in our blood is ours and ours only and that it needs to be free and that in that freedom our nation has the right to freely build their future.

But today, as the entire world celebrates the Day of Peace, our people, which has the most right to enjoy that peace, because in this war paid the greatest tribute in their blood, still shed streams of blood throughout our entire homeland in severe civil war, imposed on us by the Communist Partisans, which is raging unabated for three years. In this war, for which the world may not yet know, a minority, not stronger than 30-40,000 people, trying to impose terror, violence and blood by sword and by gun in hand, what our people do not want to accept peacefully.

Our whole nation led by the Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland, fights against this enemy with the same intensity with which he fought so far against all the enemies – Germans, Italians, Bulgarians, Hungarians and the Ustasha, and for the King, Fatherland and democracy.

Our people gave a wonderful proof of his determination to endure and persevere to victory in the fight, which is forced by Ustasha and Partisan forces. They know that the path on which they go is fair, honorable and worthy of their tradition and their historical past, and that with victory over the communist dictatorship, they will preserve and save their religion and their customs and their families, and show themselves worthy of themselves.

The struggle that rages today in the Fatherland’s is a crusade civil war in which participate all, the young and the old, male and female, are united in pain and in the resistance, and prepared to lay their lives in that fight.

And besides that the partisan minority is supported from abroad, the majority of our Fatherland is in the hands of our people’s army. Serbia, South Serbia, a large part of Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina and parts of Dalmatia, a large part of the Croatian and Vojvodina, as well as Slovenia is in the hands of our units, with the exception of large cities, where the enemy holds on under the protection of Tito’s executioners.

Neither hunger, nor infection, nor armed enemy attacks, could not diminish the will of our fighters to win. Their sacrifices make our nation great, because the persistence of their struggle shows with how much warmth, love and national fervor our fighter aims to achieve the ideals of justice, freedom and democracy.

In this fight, which we will lead to the final victory, I send you greetings through our warrior shout:

Long live our Supreme Commander, His Majesty King Peter II!

Long live our Royal Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland and out of our country!

Long live the great and free democratic federative Kingdom of Yugoslavia!

Chief of Staff, Army of General Dragoljub M. Mihailovic