Kingdom of Serbia Association’s City board in Krusevac celebrated the holiday of Saint Prince Lazarus and Kosovo martyrs – Vidovdan on Sunday, June 28th, 2015.


The Divine Liturgy was served in front of the ancient church Lazarica in Krusevac. The Holy Liturgy was served by His Grace Bishop of Krusevac Mr. David along with distinguished guest from Belarus Archbishop of Pin and Lunjetin Mr. Stefan.

After that, a solemn Vidovdan Procession went to the monument of Kosovo heroes, and to the barracks “Tsar Lazarus” where Bishop of Krusevac David consecrated the cross which is placed where the new church dedicated to St. Prince Lazarus will be build. On the head of the Holy Procession were the coffin, icons and banners of Holy Prince Lazarus, that were worn by representatives of the Army of Serbia from Krusevac garrison, and the flags of the Kingdom of Serbia Association.

The Procession ended where it had started – in Lazarica church.

At 12 o’ clock, representatives of the Kingdom of Serbia Association’s City board in Krusevac, led by the president of the board, Mr. Ivan Petrovic, and Executive board’s coordinator for Rasinski district, Mr. Jovica Vujicic, laid a wreath on the monument of Kosovo heroes and paid their respect to all who have fallen since Kosovo battle (1389 AD) until today.

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