On Saturday, May 4th 2019, at the White Palace in Belgrade, the 10th Electoral Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbia Association was held, where a team of people was elected who will lead the Association in the next two years.


Members of the advisory bodies of the Crown, Mr. Matija Bećković, Mr. Predrag Marković and Mr. Zoran Živanović, as well as over 80 delegates from all over Serbia and distinguished guests, attended the ceremonial part of the Assembly.

After the original anthem “God’s justice” in the performance of the group of the members of the Kingom of Serbia Association, Mr. Matija Bećković read the letter of our Patron, HRH Crown Prince Alexander, and after that he himself addressed the delegates.

President of the Association, Mr. Mario Majstorović, submitted a report on the performed activities in the past 2 years, followed by a film prepared by Mr. Damir Živković.

Distinguished committees and individuals were commended, and the following were awarded: Committee in Kruševac, Committee in Topola, Committee in Bijeljina, Committee in Sremska Mitrovica, Mr. Dejan Bogdanović, Mr. Dragan Pavlović, Miss Kristina Ivljanin, Mr. Dragan Reljić and Mr. Dragan Božić.



The ceremonial part of the Assembly was completed with the song “Vostani Serbije”, which was also performed by our poets, Messrs. Slobodan Grujic, Dusan Drobilovic, Marko Orlovic and Milos Krstic.

In the working part of the Assembly, chaired by Mr. Uroš Parezanović, former President of the Executive Board, a new management was elected.

Mr. Mario Majstorovic was re-elected as President of the Association.

The members of the Managing Board are:

  1. Vice President – Mr. Andrija Šošić
  2. Vice President – Mr. Saša Šušić
  3. Secretary General – Mr. Uroš Parezanović
  4. PR – Miss Bojana Nikolic
  5. President of the King’s Youth – Miss Kristina Ivljanin
    Vice President of the King’s Youth – Mr. Srđan Radojević
  1. Member – Mr. Stefan Milanovic
  2. Member – Mr. Srdjan Cosic
  3. Member – Mr. Miloš Pavković
  4. Member – Ms. Branislava Dragutinovic
  5. Member – Miss Milica Milanovic
  6. Member – Ms. Aleksandra Ljubić



The new President of the Executive Board is Mr. Predrag Medenica, and the permanent members of the Executive Board will be in the following composition:

– First Vice President / Vice President for Western Serbia – Mr. Sasa Stanisavljevic

– Vice President for Vojvodina – Mr. Dragan Matovic

– Vice President for Eastern Serbia – Mr. Tomislav Djokic

– Vice President for South Serbia – Mr. Dejan Bogdanovic

– Vice President for the Republic of Srpska – Mr. Branislav Tomic

– Vice President – Miss Ivana Zanfirović

– Secretary General of the Executive Board – Mr. Dejan Blagojevic

The Supervisory Board was elected in the following composition:

Chief – Mr. Vladimir Kovačević, Attorney

Members: Mr. Radomir Ivanovic, Mechanical Engineer

               Mr. Milan Parezanovic, MD.

The members of the Statutory Committee are:

Chief – Mr. Zeljko Ljubanić, Attorney

Members: Mr. Srđan Perić, lawyer

                Mr. Nikola Grbić, lawyer.

The new members of the Council of the Association are Mr. Savo Zdero and Ljubomir Radojlovic.

We wish a lot of good fortune to the chosen team, with the desire to take us one step closer to our final goal every day – restoring the constitutional parliamentary monarchy – the Kingdom of Serbia!

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