On this day 78 years ago, May 11th, 1941, the first group of officers loyal to their oath given to the King and the Fatherland, and firmly resolute to resist the German occupying forces, arrived on Ravna gora, led by Colonel Dragoljub Mihailovic. This was the beginning of the organized resistance against the Nazis in occupied Serbia in WW2.


On this occasion, we publish the cover picture, a collage with which we want to break up the prejudiced and lies and show who were the members of the Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland, members of all the nations of Yugoslavia, pre-war elite officers.

Concerns about the date: there are a lot of disagreements about whether the first group of officers arrived at the Ravna gora on 8th or 11th of May. Most historians now agree that the correct date is May 11th.

It doesn’t matter what date we concern to be right, what’s important is for us to remember these heroic, brave men and their great sacrifice for the Freedom of our people, for their King and their Fatherland!


The first 26 who arrived on Ravna gora on the May 11th, 1941 were:
1. Colonel Dragoljub – Draza Mihailovic from Ivanjica;
2. Cavalary major Miodrag Palosević from Belgrade;
3. Artillery Captain Class II Milenko Reljic from Pocerina,
4. 1st class captain of gendarmerie Milojko Uzelac from Zrmanja;
5. Cavalary Lieutenant Ilija Pazin from Nevesinje,
6. Infantry Lieutenant Bora Ilic from Vranje;
7. Infantry reserve lieutenant Pavle Mešković from Ohrid;
8. Infantry Lieutenant Krsta Kljajic from Slunj in Slavonia,
9. Infantry reserve lieutenant Vladimir Lenac from Zagreb;
10. Infantry sergeant-guide Bozidar Perovic from Slavonia;
11. Infantry sergeant Bozidar Dencic from Lead in Visegrad;
12. Engineers sergeant Bozidar Velickovic, unknown;
13. Engineers sergeant Djordje Ulman from Slovenia;
14. Gendarmerie Sergeant Gojko Ajvaz from Herzegovina;
15. Gendarmerie sergeant Djura Stankovic, unknown;
16. Gendarmerie sergeant Djura Vojinovic from Okucani in Slavonia;
17. Gendarmerie sergeant Blagoje Kovac from Ljubomir in Herzegovina;
18. Gendarmerie sergeant Nikola Kordic, unknown;
19. Gendarmerie sergeant Lazar Vukmirica from Mokro Polje near Knin;
20. Navy Sergeant Franjo Seničar from Split;
21. Infantry sergeant Radovan Kovacevic, unknown;
22. Soldier Samokovlija Benjamin, a Jew from Bosnia;
23. Soldier Milos Babic from South Serbia
24. Soldier Luka Ljumovic from Cacak;
25. Soldier Nikola Vuckovic from Borovac village near Zajecar
26. Sergeant Nikola Markovic from the village Bozoljin near Blazevo.