Constituent Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbia Association’s City Committee in Bijeljina (Republic of Srpska) was held on April 15th, 2018.


The president is Mr. Branislav Tomić.

Other officials of the Committee are:

Uros Milinkovic, Senior Veterinary Technician – Vice President

Ognjen Avlijas, lawyer – Vice President

Velibor Todorovic, doctor of veterinary medicine – secretary

Srđan Josipović – lawyer – President of the King’s Youth

Stevan Bobić – lawyer – Vice President of the King’s Youth

Milanka Burić – lawyer – Vice President of the King’s Youth

Members of the Committee:

Pačavra Goran – private entrepreneur

Petric Boban – economist

Gajic Sladjan – private entrepreneur

Kojadinović Ratomir – private entrepreneur

Aleksić Milorad – veterinarian

Dragica Cvjetinovic – a worker

Jovanovic Branko – professional soldier

Jovičić Nebojša – veterinarian

All people who are interested in joining Kingdom of Serbia Association on the territory of the City of Bijeljina can contact Mr. Tomic on phone 0038765 563 113 and e-mail

We wish a lot of success in work to our newfound committee, till the reach of our goal – restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia!

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