Election Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbia Association’s City Committee in Belgrade was held on April 20th, 2018.


The president is Mr. Gavrilo Došen.

Other officials of the Committee are:

Katarina Nešić Živković – Vice President

Bojana Nikolić – Secretary

Kristina Ivljanin – President of the King’s Youth

Aleksandar Marinković – Vice President of the King’s Youth

Nikola Plavšić – member of the Committee

Nikola Ilić – member of the Committee

Milan Vejnović – member of the Committee

Jelena Vukčević – member of the Committee

Teodora Kamidžorac – member of the Committee

Ivana Atanasković – member of the Committee

All people who are interested in joining Kingdom of Serbia Association on the territory of the City of Belgrade can contact Mr. Došen on phone +38163 637 402 and e-mail beograd@kraljevinasrbija.com

We wish a lot of success in work to the elected Committee management, till the reach of our goal – restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia!


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