Constituent Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbia Association’s City Committee in Pozarevac was held on February 19th, 2017.

The president is Mr. Aleksandar M. Matić.

Other officials of the Committee are:

1.Miloš V. Marković  – Vice President

2.Vladimir Bogdanović – secretary

3.Toplica Milošević– Member

4.Branislav Uzelac – Member

5.Aleksandar Ikić-Member

6.Zvonko Stević-Member

7.Mišel Nenadić-Member

8.Lazar Todorović-Member

9.Vladimir Paunović-Member

10.Dragiša Marjanović-Member

11.Milan Stević – President of the King’s Youth

12.Igor Milanović – Vice President of the King’s Youth

All people who are interested in joining Kingdom of Serbia Association on the territory of the City of Požarevac can contact Mr. Matić on phone +38164 8693 108 and +38163 8198 558, and e-mail

We wish a lot of success in work to our newfound committee, till the reach of our goal – restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia!