Constituent Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbia Association’s Municipal Committee in Ćićevac was held on June 3rd, 2017.

The president is Mr. Slobodan Krstić.

Other officials of the Committee are:
Novica Milićević – Vice President

Aleksandar Milić – Secretary
Marko Simić – President of the King’s Youth
Goran Šmigić – Member
Saša Milosavljević – Member
Dejan Božinović – Member

Mr. Miloš Stojadinović, Coordinator of Executive Board for Rasinski District, and Mr. Saša Stanisavljević, Vice president of Executive Board for Central Serbia, addressed the gathered members of the Assembly.

Ms. Sladjana Spasojević, Coordinator of Executive Board for Podunavski District, Mr. Darko Vukićević, President of the City Committee Kruševac, Mr. Nenad Kostić, Secretary of the City Committee Kruševac and Dejan Bogdanović, member of the City Committee Kruševac attended the Assembly.

We wish a lot of success in work to our newfound committee, till the reach of our goal – restoration of the Kingdom of Serbia!