On March 18th, 2022, the first meeting of the new Managing Board of the Kingdom of Serbia Association was held in Belgrade at the Royal Palace.

The new leadership stated the current state of the Association, as well as the possibilities for further successful work on promoting the idea of ​​a constitutional parliamentary monarchy in Serbia and protecting the interests of the Karadjordjevic Royal Family.

The new Managing Board consists of Mr. Miloš Pavković, President, Mr. Stefan Milanović, Vice President, Mr. Aleksandar Vujčić, Secretary General, Mr. David Petrović, President of the King’s Youth, Mrs. Sanja Spasenić, Mr. Branislav Tomić, Mr. Dobrica Milosavljević and Mr. Stanko Ljubanić.

We hope that together we will achieve the best results in the management of the Association and the achievement of a common goal within the new Board of Directors, which is a combination of youth and experience.