The traditional Gathering (Sabor ser.) on the occasion of the holiday of Archangel Gabriel was held on July 18th 2015 at the Todor from Stalac’s tower. The Gathering was opened by the organizer, Mr. Dragan Capkunovic, who is also Kingdom of Serbia Association’s trustee for the municipality Cicevac.


The program started with the premiere of monodrama ” Sleep Serbia – last night of General Draza ” in the performance of the actor Zoran Obradovic.

After the play, Mr. Capkunovic gave this year awards “Vila (fairy) from Stalac” and “Zmaj (dragon) from Stalac” to the deserving persons. This year “dragons” are: Vojin Cetkovic, Ivan Vuckovic, Asim Sarvan and Ljubisa Popovic, and the title of “Fairy from Stalac” went to: Andjela and Melanija Milenkovic, Sladjana Nestorovic Ristic and Ivana Nestorovic.

“Gate of Serbia – Mojsinje Holy Mountain” film was also premierely shown. The director of the movie is Marko Dabic, and Vojin Cetkovic plays the leading role of Duke Prijezda. The film was made in the city of Stalac and near the city.

In addition to the many citizens and distinguished guests, the Gathering was attended by representatives of the Kingdom of Serbia Association – Mr. Ivan Petrovic, president of the Association’s City board in Krusevac and Mr. Jovica Vujicic, Association’s Executive board’s coordinator for Rasina district.

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