On 8th August 2018, to the delegation of the Kingdom of Serbia Association was given an exceptional honor with a reception and meeting with HM King Simeon II of Bulgaria, in the Imperial Palace of Vrana in Sofia.


The delegation of the Association on an official visit was headed by the President, Mr. Mario Majstorović, and also consisted of the members of the management Mr. Saša Šušić, Mr. Andrija Šošić, Mr. Srdjan Cosic and Ms. Aleksandra Ljubic.

In a one-and-a-half-hour talk, at the pleasant and friendly atmosphere, the work of the Kingdom of Serbia Association and experiences were presented, the opinions and visions of the monarchist action were exchanged both on the national and international level, on the world conditions and on the historical circumstances that led to the abolition of the monarchies, the present situation, the experience of His Majesty in the political activity in Bulgaria since returning to the homeland, and at the initiative of our delegation a question was raised about the cooperation between the Serbian and Bulgarian monarchists, the exchange of positive experiences in order to achieve the cooperation In addition to achieving the ultimate goal, the restoration of monarchy in our countries.

HM King Simeon and the delegation of the Association presented almost identical views on historical factors, as well as the opportunities that the renewal of monarchies, the development of democratic and civic values ​​and future cooperation in the region and beyond.

We are convinced that this visit has contributed to the strengthening of friendly relations and opened a chapter in the mutual bonds between the monarchists, which will be an example to all the others.

His Majesty thanked us for visiting and on that occasion asked us to convey His warmest greetings to HRH Crown Prince Alexander.


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