Today, on January 15th 2016, Kingdom of Serbia Association celebrates a small jubilee – 6 years of work under the patronage of HM King Alexander II with only one crucial goal – the restoration of constitutional parliamentary monarchy in Serbia!

We have done a lot in these 6 years behind us, but great and important work still lies ahead of us! Work that we have to finish, for the well-being of our country and all of us!

To all members of the Association we wish happy anniversary! We will crown Serbia together!

Long live King Alexander the Second!

Long live Kingdom of Serbia!


6 godina eng


The Kingdom of Serbia Association (KS) was founded by a group of Belgrade University students in 2008 and was first called King’s Youth. The association was established as a non-profit, non-governmental and non-party organization,under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Alexander, with the ultimate goal of restoring Constitutional Monarchy in Serbia.

This group of young people, convinced that the restoration of constitutional monarchy can help Serbia, has managed with their positive activities to encourage both the younger and the older population to join them.

Because of the wish of a large number of people older than 26 years to join us, since January 2010 King’s Youth as a brand continued to operate as a youth section of the greater organization – Kingdom of Serbia Association. From then, the Association is open for everybody, there are no age restrictions. Membership grows every day, and currently the Association has over 18,000 members, who are mostly under 35 year old, organized into more than 80 Boards and Trustees throughout Serbia.


According to the latest public opinion research, 39.7% of Serbian citizens support the restoration of constitutional parliamentary monarchy (against is 32.3% and 27.4% have no opinion), which makes this option leading in our society, especially if we remember that the negative campaign runs from 1946.

With this kind of support, the Association is using only non-violent and democratic means in achieving its objectives, not acknowledging the violent, undemocratic and totalitarian methods. Purely with positive campaign, promotional activities and charity work, we are promoting the idea of constitutional parliamentary monarchy with Karadjordjević dynasty at the helm, as the goal to which we aspire.

In the coming period we will continue building the infrastructure of the Association, setting up new committees and strengthening its existing, both in terms of organization and the number of members. A strong network of associations made ​​up of strong local boards may impose a major campaign for the return of constitutional parliamentary monarchy, and make its goal achievable. By reaching the largest number of supporters of this idea in the Association, we want to force a referendum on the form of State regulation, on which all citizens would plead on the question of reestablishing constitutional parliamentary monarchy in Serbia.

According to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia, the National Assembly may only call a referendum regarding state organization. The creation of a monarchist caucus will be initiated in the Assembly, which will be joined by all monarchist inclined Members of Parliament regardless of their party association.

As well as the Crown, which is a supra-party and non-party institution and is above all divisions in one society, theKingdom of Serbia Association as a promoter of Constitutional Monarchy gathers all the people, regardless of their political, ethnic or religious affiliation.

We hope that with our effort and the support of the people of Serbia, in the shortest period of time we will restore Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy!