Today, September 9th at 9 o’clock, the PEOPLE’S INITIATIVE TO CHANGE THE CONSTITUTION OF THE REPUBLIC OF SERBIA IN THE CONSTITUTION OF THE KINGDOM OF SERBIA submitted a notice of initiation of the People’s initiative and proposal of the Constitutional change to the National Assembly, in accordance with the law.


The proposal was given to the administrative office of the National Assembly by members of the Initiative Committee: Predrag Marković, Mario Majstorovic and Jelena Budimirović.

Mr. Predrag Marković (at whose proposal the National Assembly returned traditional Serbian coat of arms, flag and anthem) as the former President of the National Assembly directed the writing and adoption of the current Constitution of the Republic of Serbia. (Constitution was made official by his signature ten years ago, after the referendum and promulgation in the National Assembly, on November 8th, 2006)

Mr. Mario Majstorović is President and Miss Jelena Budimirović is General Secretary of the Kingdom of Serbia Association.

On the first Congress of the Kingdom of Serbia, members of the Kingdom of Serbia Association adopted a declaration that consisted of plan for changing the Constitution in the process of restoration of Constitutional Parliamentary Monarchy in Serbia.

Today’s act was the first step in a complex procedure of changing the Constitution by the citizens’ initiative. It is the first time in the history of Serbia for a Constitutional change to be launched this way.

In accordance with the law, the Initiative Committee of the National Initiative will inform the public and the relevant ministry about the exact date when the signatures collecting will start.

Belgrade, September 9th, 2016