The Legatum Institute published this year’s Prosperity Index, which provides an insight into the formation and change of world prosperity, highlighting the 25 richest, healthiest and happiest countries. According to this survey, 8 of the first 10 countries are constitutional parliamentary monarchies!


This great global research has shown that global prosperity is generally rising, and the countries where welfare is most felt are:


25. Portugal

24. Malta

23. Hong Kong

22. Japan (emperor)

21.Kingdom of Spain

20. Slovenia

19. Singapore

18. France

17. USA

16. Kingdom of Belgium

15. Austria

14. Iceland

13. Ireland

12. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

11. Germany

10. United Kingdom of Great Britain

9. Kingdom of Denmark

8. Kingdom of Sweden

7. The Kingdom of the Netherlands

6. Australia – under the administration of the British Crown

5. Canada – administered by the British Crown

4. Switzerland

3. Finland

2. The Kingdom of Norway

1. New Zealand – under the administration of the British Crown

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