Kingdom of Serbia Association’s Municipal Committee in Stara Pazova participated in the organization of the swimming for the cross on the holiday of Theophany, January 19th, 2016.

The other organizers of the event were Temple of the Holy Father Nikolai from Stari Banovci and Temple of St. Vasilije Ostroski from Novi Banovci, the Tourist Organization of Stara Pazova and Local communities Stari and Novi Banovci.

The Divine Liturgy in the churches and Procession to the place where the contestants swam for the Cross was led by His Grace Bishop of Srem Vasilije. Mr. Sasa Reljic, President of KS Committee led the swimmers to the river.

Mr. Reljic gave a gift to the President of the Municipality of Stara Pazova, Mr. Djordje Radinovic – the icon which was carried in front of the Procession.

Mr. Radinovic presented a medal to each swimmer, and the winner, Mr. Danilo Vucinic got golden cross from His Grace.

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This is a traditional event which takes place every year on the holiday of Theophany, when participants race against each other in order to reach the Holy cross, which is placed in the river 33 meters from the start.


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