Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the Kingdom of Serbia, HRH Regent Alexander refused to be taken from Medova pier to Brindisi for treatment after the surgery he had:

“I will stay here to follow the boarding of troops and refugees. And when my last soldier gets on board, then it will be my turn to get on the ship. That will be the time when I’ll go, before that – NO! I will be the last one who will leave Fatherland!”

On the same day, he said farewell to his grandfather, Montenegrin King Nikola:

“Grandpa, I thank you and the Italian King. But I will not separate from my soldiers! Their destiny is my destiny!”

They hugged and kissed each other. Grandfather was crying. As if he sensed that they will never see each other again.”

From the memoires of General Milan Nedic

We thank Facebook page “Serbian history” (Srpska istorija) for this reminder.


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