On December 12th, 2015, the exhibition called “Fulfilled Legacy” will be opened in gallery “Trag” at 7 PM. dedicated to the day when the remains of late Royal family members – HM King Peter II, HM Queen Maria, HM Queen Alexandra and HRH Prince Andrei were buried in the Karadjordjevic family mausoleum at St George’s church in Oplenac.


The exhibition will be set at the “Trag” gallery, – Dvorzakova street no 2, Sremcica.

The exhibition displays the historic moment of the transfer of the remains of the deceased members of the Royal Family, their burial in the family mausoleum of the Church of Saint George in Oplenac, as well as numerous items that in various ways marked the state funeral.

Author of the exhibition is Mr. Andrija Šošić, member of the Managing Board of the Kingdom of Serbia Association.