On March 16th and 17th, the Kingdom of Serbia Association will visit Kosovo and Metohija and help our people in the enclaves, as we also did in the previous years.


This time, the KS Association will help the 24-member family Savić from the village of Koretište, Gnjilane municipality, in which 11 children live in one house, with no basic living conditions. The Association managed to provide a washing machine, and with the help of the Crown Princess Katherine Foundation, a refrigerator was provided, as well as a large amount of food products to be distributed to vulnerable families from the area of ​​Gracanica.

The delegation will consist of 45 members of the association, and we will visit our holy places –Visoki Decani, Pec Patriarchy, Zociste, Holy Archangels near Prizren, the city of Prizren, the Mother of God from Ljevis, St. George’s Church, Gracanica and Banjska.

The trip is realized with the help and support of the Office for Kosovo and Metohija of the Serbian Government.