The Kingdom of Serbia Association is pleased to invite you to the First Congress and the Academy on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of King Peter II assuming full Royal duties, which will be held, in the presence of HRH Crown Prince Alexander and the members of the Royal family, in the conference room of the „Zvezda“ Hotel inVrnjacka Banja, on Sunday, 27th March 2016. at 2 p.m.



  • HRH Crown Prince Alexander
  • Dragomir Acovic, member of the Privy Council
  • Matija Beckovic, academician, member of the Crown Council
  • Predrag Markovic, writer, member of the Crown Council
  • Mr. Rados Bajic, director
  • Mario Majstorovic, president of the Kingdom of Serbia Association

and others.


Long live King Alexander II!

Long live Kingdom of Serbia!

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