Dragomir Acović

Dragomir AcovicDragomir Acović, PC, Architect. Senior Partner of “Grifon” Comp. President of the Serbian Society for Heraldry, Genealogy, Vexillology and Phaleristics The White Eagle; the Chief Herald and Co-Chairman of the Register of Arms; Editor of The Stemmatography of the Serbian Heraldry Society. Member of Orders and Medals Society of America, Orders and Medals Research Society of UK, Swiss Phaleristic Society, Union of German Phalerists (BDOS) and of heraldic societies of England, Ukraine and Russia. Member of the European Society of Culture. President RC Belgrade-Singidunum (1996/7). Member of Federal Committees for the Armorial Achievement of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, and for the Preparation of the Federal Law about Orders, Decorations and Medals. Member of the Editorial Board of “The Yearbook of the Belgrade Museum”, Board Member of several societies and associations. Born in 1943 in Belgrade. Married, father of two daughters and a son. Resides in Belgrade (Serbia, Yugoslavia).

Principal works: As an Architect: many projects, among them Military Academy of the Arrny in Belgrade, St.Stephen Church at Brezovica (under construction), projects in Republic of Sao Tomè and Prìncipe (Plano Director de Desenvolvimento do Turismo), Maldive Islands, Mongolia, Nepal, Cuba, Egypt, Djibouti, Somalia, Iraq, etc. As Herald: Heraldic systems of municipal. territorial, corporate and family armorial bearings in Serbia, Heraldic revision of the armorial bearings of Begrad, Flag of Belgrade, municipal Arms of six Belgrade borroughs, Nis, Prijepolje, Budva, Bijeljina, Mionica, Topola, Kragujevac, Jagodina, etc. Phaleristic Monographs and other books: History of the Bulgarian Phaleristics, Royal Serbian Order of Milosh the Great, Serbs Outside of Serbia – Russian Serbs (with others), A Story about Belgrade (with others). More than 300 articles in the magazines (Architecture, Project Management, Heraldry, Phaleristics, Archontology, popular themes…) etc.