On this day 100 years ago, on September 15, 1918, the army of the Kingdom of Serbia broke through the Thessaloniki Front and made one of the biggest victories in WW1 and in history.


Just before and immediately after the Thessaloniki breakthrough it was said:


Serbian Duke Živojin Mišić – Command to the Serbian Army for the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki Front of September 13, 1918:

To death, just do not stand! With faith and hope, heroes, forward to the Fatherland!


German Emperor Vilhelm II – Telegram of the Bulgarian King Ferdinand October 1918:

Sixty two thousand Serb soldiers decided the war. SHAME!


Bulgarian King Ferdinad – At the end of September 1918:

“This is the end of all of us.”


French Marshal Frances d ‘Epere – Report to the French government during the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki front in late September 1918:

“Operations have to slow down because there is no communication in order to provide food to French troops advancing, only Serbian troops do not need communications, they go as a storm – ahead.”


The breakthrough of the front started the famous 12 infantry regiment “Car Lazar”.