Ravna gora, May 8th, 2015 – Kingdom of Serbia Association responded to the invitation from our friends from Ravna Gora Movement and on the St. Mark’s, May 8, 2015, we attended the celebration which Ravna Gora movement traditionally organizes to commemorate the day when Colonel Dragoljub Mihailovic came to Ravna Gora and first in imprisoned Europe raised the uprising against Nazi evil.


The delegation of the Kingdom of Serbia Association was led by Mr. Mario Majstorovic, president of the Association, Mr. Stefan Milanovic, member of the Managing Board and Mr. Sasa Susic, President of the Executive Board.

In the official part of the ceremony, Mr. Majstorovic red the greeting letter from our patron, HRH Crown Prince Alexander, and also greeted all gathered people on behalf of the Kingdom of Serbia Association.

HRH Crown Prince Alexander’s letter:

„Ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, dear friends,
It is my great honor and privilege to greet you on this occasion, when we to commemorate the seventieth anniversary of the victory over fascism and Nazism in the Second World War and seventy fourth anniversary of the nationwide uprising against the Nazi occupiers in the Kingdom of Yugoslavia. General Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic and the Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland provided a great contribution to the victory over the greatest evil of the twentieth century, as recognized by all Allies.

In the spring, on the beginning of May 1941, under the flag of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, on Ravna Gora again shone the spark of freedom under the leadership of Colonel and later General and Minister of the Army Dragoljub Mihailovic.

Despite the superhuman efforts of the General Dragoljub Mihailovic and my father, King Peter II, to help their people that with minimum suffering and pain overcome the difficult years of the war, it is these two men who were put on the pillory and declared traitors of their people by the new communist regime.

Before us is a huge task, the rehabilitation of General Dragoljub Mihailovic. I sincerely hope that the proceedings before the High Court in Belgrade will end on May 14 and that one more injustice will be corrected, how to this great man who deserves all respect, as well as to ourselves, so we could take the path of progress, in the future, with a clear conscience and a pure heart.

The great tragedy of the civil war, which began during the Second World War and which continued in the early postwar years, caused us incalculable damage, the consequences of which we feel today. We must do everything to overcome the differences that still exist between us for the sake of a common and better future.

I wish that you continue to keep the tradition of Ravna gora Movement and the Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland!
Sincerely yours,

HRH Crown Prince Alexander

We congratulate our brothers from Ravna Gora movement on well organized celebration and we thank them on preserving the memory of the immortal General Draza and his fighters!

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