In the negative atmosphere, created lately by some of the media, I feel the need to say few words from my heart.

I was raised by a king and was taught that one must always think that people come first. I have vowed to do this and I will continue to be a man of honor and dignity which Serbia deserves. It is with great regret that I must notice some newspapers do not use their power to write about the needs of Serbia or the efforts of those who work relentlessly to help the people. In that situation I will not allow Serbia to be a victim of bad media, and my father King Peter II, my grandfather King Alexander I and my great grandfather King Peter I would be deeply saddened to see the behavior by a few and the lies that have been creating. For that, I must say that these lies and misconceptions will not make me step aside or to stop helping the people of my country. I will always help the people of our country no matter what obstacles or challenges lay before me.

It is with this that I plead those who do it to stop, and thank those who have supported and stood behind my family, which I am so proud of and thankful for, and me, during these challenging times. It is with my countrymen in mind that I ask all to stand strong in the face of adversity and to continue to do good for the country ignoring and stopping these unfounded malicious attempts to undermine good deeds and will to help Serbia.

We will always stand tall, proud and with dignity as we so deserve.