The delegation of the Kingdoms of Serbia Association is on a humanitarian mission for the tenth time and on August 17, 18 and 19 will visit the largest shrines in Kosovo and Metohija and our people living in enclaves in difficult conditions.


Again, in a very short time, with the tremendous help and great support of HRH Crown Princess Catherine’s Foundation and Lifeline Chicago, we were able to provide a new contingent of assistance for as many as 5 families, and our many years of successful fieldwork, accuracy and reliability have led to the creation of excellent collaboration with the Serbian Government’s Office for Kosovo and Metohija, that has gained a great deal of trust in us.

Much more important than the assistance we deliver is the Mission of the Kingdom of Serbia, always new people who are part of our delegation who have not had the opportunity to experience Metohija and Kosovo. After the journey and what they feel on it, after contact with centuries, faith, history, culture and tradition of our people, they almost as a rule become its defenders in the most endangered place – in Serbian society, as well as defending its disappearance from our collective consciousness , where it has been present for more than six centuries …. While it is there, the hope will live!

We visit the Gorioč Monasteries near the Istok, the Patriarchate of Pec, Visoki Decani, the Holy sanctuaries in Hoča and its indomitable and cheerful inhabitants, our hosts, and part of the collected help in the form of household appliances, school supplies, housewares and food products will be handed over to Lazar Kazic and Slavica with their children Sreten , Veljko, Angelija and Lidija from Orahovac;

We will then visit the Decan vinica, the Holy Archangels, the Mother of God in Ljevis, the St. George’s Temple, the Theology school and the city of Prizren.

Afterwards, we will visit 3 more of our enclaves near Gnjilane, the villages of Partesh, Pasjan and Budriga, where we will help families:

– Milorad Stojkovic with children Tamara, Milos and Jelena, from Partes;

– Nenad and Sladjana Simić with children Lidija and Lazar from Pasjan;

– Anđelković Nenad and Danijela with their children Jovan, Veljko and Bogdan from Budrig;

– Zoran and Jelena Simic, with their children Jovan, Anastasia, Srecko and Nikola from Budrig;

which will also consist of household appliances, school supplies, housewares and food products.

Then we will visit the monasteries of Draganac, Gracanica and Banjska, as well as Kosovska Mitrovica.