During the reception on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Royal family of Romania in castle Peles, the delegation of the Kingdom of Serbia Association had the privilege to be presented to Mr. Victor Ciorbea, former Prime Minister of Romania (1996 – 1998.) and former mayor of Bucharest, who performed many other important functions at the highest state level, and today is one of the most important institutions of a democratic society – Romanian Ombudsman. We were introduced to Mr. Ciorbea by our hosts from ANRM organization.


Mr. Ciorbea is a great monarchist, and thanks to him and his acts while he performed the duty of prime minister, the Royal Family of Romania have been returned all the rights that were abolished during the reign of totalitarian communist regimes. Also, conditions for its return in Romania from exile have been provided as well as permanent settlement in the country, and the inclusion of the Royal Family in social life.

Royal family of Romania awarded Royal honor to Mr. Ciorbea (He is Knight of the Royal Decoration of Nihil Sine Deo) for his merits for the country, the people and the Royal House.

He also supports the work of our friends from the ANRM organization in their aspiration to restore monarchy in Romania.

In a long conversation with the president of the Association – Mr. Mario Majstorovic, Mr. Ciorbea said that he is very pleased with the visit of our delegation, on possibility to share experiences and ideas. He supported our work and wished that in the future we work together more closely in achieving the goal to which we aspire. President of the Association thanked for his support and invited our friends to visit Belgrade and the Royal Palace.