Constituent Assembly of the Kingdom of Serbia Association’s Municipal board in Kursumlija was held on July 2nd, 2015.


Assembly was opened by Mr. Sasa Susic, president of the Kingdom of Serbia Association’s Executive board, and after that Mr. Predrag Markovic, member of the Crown council, addressed the gathering. He conveyed the greetings of HRH Crown Prince Alexander and wished successful work.

Thereafter, the Assembly was addressed by Mr. Mario Majstorovic, president of the Kingdom of Serbia Association. He spoke about Association’s goals and program, and also what we have done so far, as well as about the advantages of the constitutional parliamentary monarchy.

After the formal part of the session, the management of the Municipal Board Kursumlija was elected: The President Mr. Slavko Ilic, Vice President Mr. Nebojsa Carapic, Secretary Mr. Jovica Cvetkovic, Messrs. Slavko Savic, Goran Jovanovic and Uros Vuckovic are permanent members of the board, and Mr. Sava Milicevic was elected for president of the Royal Youth.

After the election, the flag of the Kingdom of Serbia Association was officially handed over to the new management and the badges with the monogram of our Patron, HRH Crown Prince Alexander were given to the members.

At the end of the Assembly, the newly elected president of the Municipal board, Mr. Slavko Ilic addressed to the gathered people, he thanked for the given trust to lead the board and he announced the upcoming activities.

We wish a lot of success in further work to our members from Kursumlija, until we reach our goal – the restoration of Kingdom of Serbia!

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