To avoid confusion we would like, once again, to firmly emphesize that the Kingdom of Serbia Association  (KS) is not a political party.

Kingdom of Serbia Association is non-party and non-profit organization under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Alexander and as such is devoted to inform the public about the merits and advantages of reestablishing of the constitutional parliamentary monarchy in Serbia. We are gathered in order to represent and get the the idea we’re fighting for closer to the people, but in a positive, democratic and non-political way.

KS members come from all spheres of life. KS members belong to all political parties but also many members do not belong to any political party, which is something we are especially proud of.

Kingdom of Serbia Association reminds everyone of the fact that HRH Crown Prince Alexander, as the only son of HM King Peter II, is the only successor of the title held by his father, grandfather and great-grandfather, and a legitimate King of Serbia. The principle of succession is primogeniture, which is present in our tradition as a century-long rule in Serbia, and confirmed by HM King Peter I in Family Rulebook of 1909 (, article 2, as well as HM King Alexander I in Family Rulebook of 1930, article 2. (

At the end, we wish to once again share with you the vision of our Association, hoping that from it you’ll be able to understand.

We are for the Kingdom of Serbia as a constitutional parliamentary monarchy, with HM King Alexander II Karadjordjevic as the head of the state. For the Kingdom, which is a democratic and open society, with a rule of law and a socially responsible state. For a Kingdom that cherishes a domestic economy, a high standard of living, culture, ecology, scientific and technological development and invests in its future.

Long Live King Alexander II Karadjordjevic!

Long Live Kingdom of Serbia!

In the name of KS Association,

President Sasa Susic