On this day when we celebrate the birthday of our King, we must also remember one sad jubilee. We must remember all those brave men and women who gave their lives for King and Country, and above all we must remember the first among them.

On this day, 74 years ago, the communists brutally killed the commander of the Yugoslavian army in the Fatherland, General Dragoljub Draza Mihailovic. It is not accidental that the communist authorities decided that on the first birthday of the heir of the Serbian and Yugoslav throne kill the man who so dedicatedly and honorably respected his oath!

On this occasion, we are presenting you the text written by Mr. Uroš Parezanović, member of the Advisory Body of the Kingdom of Serbia Association – “They killed the body, but not the spirit, it lives forever”

July 17th is the saddest day for all admirers of General Dragoljub Mihailovic and the Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland.

On July 17th, 1946 the communist villains brutally killed first guerrilla leader in occupied Europe, most decorated officers of Serbian and Yugoslav Royal Army!

They killed him after a shameful, staged trial, with false witnesses and in advance prepared judgment.

He was killed by those who sat in their homes when he already fought against the Nazi monster! While they were still convinced in their friendship with Nazi Germany (because neither Serbia nor Yugoslavia had ever been their homeland, their true homeland was the Soviet Union, in which an agreement Ribbentrop – Molotov was still in force), he had already unfurled a banner of freedom and disobedience on Ravna gora and with his officers organized resistance to the invaders.

They killed him because he was an honorable and honest man, faithful to his King and his Fatherland!

After the murder they threw his body in an unmarked grave. By doing so, they had tried to erase him from the collective memory. They were afraid that his resting place could become a place of pilgrimage. They tried but failed! As Sinan Pasha wanted to destroy the unconquerable will of the Serbian people by burning the incorrupt body of St. Sava, because the Serbs drew their strength from the relics of the saint. He tried but he failed, because the wind from Belgrade hill, on which the Turks put the body of the saint in the fire, blew his dust all over the world and thus only strengthen the spirit of St. Sava in the nation. As well as the Ottoman invaders, communists also failed in their aspirations!

They killed the body, but not the spirit, it lives forever!

The words of Holy Bishop Nikolaj from his speech in the church of the Resurrection of Christ in Chicago (spoken on July 18th, 1954) came true. “Draza Mihailovic was a legendary figure even during his life; but his death as a martyr has created a halo of holy warrior around his name. As time goes by, the halo will become more and more bright, and Draza’s name more and more glorious. And those who say for themselves that they are Draza’s, they must support him.”

Let there be eternal glory and eternal thank to you “Chicha”! We will never forget how great your sacrifice was!

With faith in God, for King and Fatherland!

The author of the text – Uroš Parezanović, member of the Advisory Body of the Kingdom of Serbia Association