Kingdom of Serbia Association’s Municipal Committee Indjija and Municipality of Indjija organized the ceremony on the occasion of the Liberation day of Indjija in the First World War on 8th November 2015 in Queen Maria’s park.


At the beginning of the program, priests of the Serbian Orthodox Church held a prayer for the soul of Lieutenant Julije Vapa, commander of the 7th regiment of the Serbian army who liberated Indjija on St Dimitri day 1918.

After that, the wreaths were laid at the monument of King Peter I the Great Liberator – on behalf of the Municipality of Indjija, Mr. Dejan Lekic, Assistant Mayor of Indjija and Mrs. Tanja Singer, a member of the Municipal Council; on behalf of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Alexander, a member of the Crown Council, Mr. Predrag Markovic; on behalf of the Executive Board of the Kingdom of Serbia Association, Mr. Predrag Medenica; on behalf of the Municipal Committee of the Association in Indjija, Mr. Branislav Heror and Djordje Klještanović as well as the delegations of Association of Descendants of Serbian Warriors 1912 – 1920.


Mr. Predrag Markovic then addressed the gathering people.

Members of the Youth Cultural Association of Indjija, CAS SOKO and CAS Čigra from Ljukovo, as well as the best reciters from the Petar Kocic Elementary school from Indjija participated in cultural and art part of program.

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