The election assembly of the Association of the Kingdom of Serbia, which is under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Alexander, was held today in the Royal Palace in Belgrade.

The assembly was attended by 58 delegates from the Association’s board throughout Serbia and the diaspora.

During the ceremonial part of the session, the delegates from all committees and commissions were greeted by HRH Crown Prince Alexander. After His Royal Highness, the members of the assembly were greeted by the president of the Association, Mr. Miloš Pavković.

The ceremonial part of the meeting opened with a short film about the Association and the performance of the anthem of the Kingdom of Serbia “God’s Justice”, which was attended by HRH Princess Katarina and members of the Crown Council Mr. Darko Spasić and Mr. Zoran Zivanovic.

In the working part of the Assembly, Mr. Miloš Pavković was elected as the president of the Kingdom of Serbia Association in the following period.

The following were elected as members of the Management Board: Mr. Stefan Milanović, Vice President of the Association, Mr. Aleksandar Vujčić, General Secretary, Mr. David Petrović, president of King’s Youth, Mr. Sanja Spasenić, member of the Management Board, Mr. Dobrica Milosavljević, member of the Management Board, Mr. Branislav Tomić, member of the Management Board, Mr. Stanko Ljubanić, member of the Management Board.

Mr. was elected as the head of the Supervisory Board. Milan Reljić, and the head of the Statutory Commission was elected Mr. Željko Ljubanić.