Kingdom of Serbia Association’s City Board in Kraljevo invites you to the gathering of the Association members called “Kingdom in Gledic”, which will be held at the Vasic’s watermill in Gledic on August 29th, 2015. This manifestation will be used for collecting humanitarian aid for the treatment of little Jovan Simonovic from Kraljevo, who needs eye surgery.


The manifestation begins at 1 PM at the watermill which was used as the headquarters of legendary captain Milorad Vasic, officer of the Yugoslavian army in the Fatherland. All guests will be able to visit National museum of Kraljevo and Zica monastery. Departing from the Kraljevo to Gledić is at 12 PM.

Contacts for information and reservations:

Mr. Milan Aleksic – 063 659 404

Mr. Zoran Pejkovic – 064 217 27 33