For the fourth year in a row, on May 13, 2018, the Women’s Center Milica organized a cycling drive to support women with ovary cancer called ” Cycling against cancer ” and marked the International Day of Physical Activity.


Expressing support, President of the Kingdom of Serbia Association, Mr. Mario Majstorović took part in this event. The ride started on the central square in Vrnjacka Banja, and it was driven to St. Petka Monastery in the village of Stubal and back.

The Association has dedicated this year to women and fight against breast cancer, raising awareness of the necessity of preventive examinations in order to reduce cancer mortality and supporting centers that conduct psychological creative workshops to encourage patients through self-help groups, providing psychological support to ill women and their families in overcoming problems they face during the treatment and education of the population about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis in the fight against cancer.

The Association supports the work of local associations and organizations that work in this field with goal to significantly increase the number of those working on education and prevention, and also by  organizing a series of debates devoted to this topic.

The Association has changed the logo for the same purpose and added a ribbon as symbol of the fight against breast cancer, thereby further increasing the visibility of this problem and influencing its membership to deal with this topic in its surroundings.

Dear ladies, you are not alone!

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