Members of the Kingdom of Serbia Association from several committees paid tribute to General Dragoljub Mihailovic and the Yugoslav Army in the Fatherland on May 11, 2019, in Ravna Gora, where „Uncle” Draža and his heroes started an uprising against the Nazi occupation.


On May 11th, 1941, the first group of officers loyal to their oath given to the King and the Fatherland, and firmly resolute to resist the German occupying forces, arrived on Ravna gora, led by Colonel Dragoljub Mihailovic. This was the beginning of the organized resistance against the Nazis in occupied Serbia in WW2.

Concerns about the date: there are a lot of disagreements about whether the first group of officers arrived at the Ravna gora on 8th or 11th of May. Most historians now agree that the correct date is May 11th.

It doesn’t matter what date we concern to be right, what’s important is for us to remember these heroic, brave men and their great sacrifice for the Freedom of our people, for their King and their Fatherland!


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