Members of the Kingdom of Serbia Association from all over the country on 12th and 13th August 2017 visited Kosovo and Metohija and brought the help to our monasteries and the people who live in difficult conditions in enclaves across our southern province.


Humanitarian aid included food products, household chemistry, footwear, clothing, medical aids, books and school supplies and it was collected in the committees of the Association throughout the country. This activity would not be possible without the support of the Government of the Republic of Serbia’s Office for Kosovo and Metohija, and we use this opportunity to thank them!

During the trip, we visited our people who are living in enclaves near the major monasteries. We went to the Visoki Decani, Pec Patriarchy, Budisavci, Holy Archangels monastery near Prizren, Prizren, Bogorodica Ljeviška, Prizren Seminary, Temple of St. George, Gracanica, Gazimestan, Prilepac and the municipality of Ranilug.

As in all previous years, we have carried the aid led by the feeling and the need to maintain the connection with our people, monks, monasteries and the entire heritage in Kosovo and Metohija in this extremely difficult time, as well as the great burden of responsibility that we as a generation and individuals take towards our ancestors from centuries behind us.

Much more important than humanitarian aid is the visit of new people, socializing and connecting with our people who remained to live in their homes in Kosovo enclaves.

It is common among people, especially young people in Serbia, outside of Kosovo, due to constant daily political pressure, to perceive Kosovo as a burden. You can often hear that we don’t need Kosovo and that it is no longer ours.

Only those who have never visited Kosovo and Metohija can say this, and whoever steps on the ground of the Visoki Decani Monastery, the Pec Patriarchy, Gracanica, will never think that again.

That is precisely the main goal that the Association strives for and with every visit of new young people from the rest of Serbia, our future in Kosovo is safer and more certain.


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